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What is happening!?!?!?

Happy Huuuump Day everyone! It's been five days since my last post....and five interesting days to say the least! Although my physical had great results....I like many...suffer from anxiety and depression usually trigged by the anxiety. Well let me tell you!! After talking about it with my doctor (and she knows me well, I've been going to her for a several years), she said let's try Welbutrin. Alrighty...whatever you thinks works. So I began taking 150 mg of Welbutrin XL every morning. At first, I was like ok I know it takes a while for your body to adjust, so let's give it a try. First, I learned take it early! in the morning! Insomnia is definitely a side effect. Second, I learned quickly, it definitely effects your appetite...you basically don't have one. Which in most cases, people would think SCORE!!! ...it will help me lose weight. WRONG...You MUST eat to lose weight!!! If you don't, your body tells your brain your starving...so therefore please hang onto that fanny you're trying to lose!!! So ironically, I had to remind myself to eat periodically throughout the day to keep my metabolism going. Okay...fast forward a couple of days! This is when I began to wonder if Linda Blair was some how inhabiting my brain! Everything and everyone, quite frankly...WAS PISSING ME OFF on a pretty regular basis. Then...my husband asked me, are you sure those pills are working? Then my mom asked the same thing. Well it has continued to escalate to where I know pretty much felt like a crazy, fire breathing BIIIIIOOOOOTCH!!!! I gave myself a night off from working out last night thinking maybe I just needed some rest. NOPE! I got up this morning, and my inner bitch was alive and well and doing her best to kick my...well you know! So I said, nope not today!! I AM in charge of my body, not the other way around. So at 7:45 pm I plugged in my ear buds, laced up my new running shoes, and turned on the newest pod cast by the newest hero added to my list.... Rachel Hollis! My muscles and my inner Linda, were fighting against me....so I cranked up Rachel a little louder! I pounded out a little over two miles, came home and even added a little workout on my arms and 50 squats. After which, I sat down to cool off and have a replenish drink...and proceeded to ball like a baby for the next 20 minutes! God bless Mellie Mel for texting with me while I sobbed uncontrollably. When I finally took a deep breath, I thought what in the sam hell was THAT!!!!??? Needless to say...I am NOT taking that medication ever again! I will be seeing my doc at 11 am to get something else. Thank you to everyone that gave me suggestions of what has helped them. I promise this lengthy (yet again) post has a message. And just like I encourage you all to take back your life and health for YOU! Listen to your body!! Just because a doctor tells you this should work great....give it some time...blah blah blah. If you feel in your gut it's not right...speak up!! Hell if I "give it more time" at the rate I'm going and feeling I could be the next Jack the Ripper!!! It is having the absolute opposite effect on me!! So I called today and explained why I needed an appointment. The sweet girl on the phone says ok, I've passed on your request...you should get a call later today or it may be in the morning. Needless to say, they called me back in FIVE minutes, and I got an appointment in the morning. PLEASE know...I understand and respect the importance of listening to your doctor and even giving things a little time. BUT PEOPLE!!! If the effects are not positive ones....SPEAK UP!!! I hope this helps some one. YOU are in charge of YOU! Till next time....hugs!!

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