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Texas allergies and the life of an entrepreneur/Gigi

Happy Wednesday everyone!! It's a lovely typical "spring" day in Texas..95 degrees...FEELS LIKE 108!!! Whaaaaat!?!?!? God give us strength when August arrives. This week has been crazy hard on the new get healthy journey!!! Allergies hit me like the bullet train from China this past weekend and have yet to let go! My voice ranges from sounding like Minnie Mouse to a biker dude! I'm coughing like I've been smoking since I was three! Speaking of three....my littles will turn three next month! How is this possible!?! But...to the person that coined the phrase "terrible twos", apparently didn't spend much time with a soon to be three year old girl. This gorgeous, loving, sweet, funny and incredibly smart little girl can turn into Linda Blair before you have time turn and run!! LOL!! She can give you a look or attitude that you're pretty sure could set you a blaze if you let it go on too long. Thankfully, she can just as quickly to return to her amazing little self. Now, couple that with the inability to take more than five breaths without coughing like a fool...and ya NO!!!! I do not want to try to walk when I'm pretty sure my face will melt off before the 1/2 mile marker!!! So my friends, do I use this as an excuse to throw in the towel? No, I do not! I have simply focused 100% on making extremely smart food choices and drinking tons of water!! Of course, then you run into a new problem. Have you ever tried to simply pee for the 43rd time before noon, while having an almost three year old beg you to please hold me!?! And we all know, if you lock the door that she can now open, she will continue to knock and yell Gigi!!; until you give in and open the door and have her tell you good job, because you went on the potty like a big girl!! Needless to say...there are some day I'm beyond exhausted and want to do well..NOT A THING!! Let's face it folks, this is a life long journey....not a quick fix diet. So, yes!!! Yes, life is going to get in the way! Are we going to get sick yes...are we going to give up no! Are we going to allow ourselves to enjoy a cheat meal...to only then feel guilty and give up? NO! We are going to give ourselves grace...rest and allow our bodies to recover, then return to getting in our exercise! NO! We are not going to feel guilty for allowing ourselves to enjoy a cheat meal while out with friends or family! Again, you simply enjoy the bejesus out of that meal...then maybe drink even a little more water that day...and return to the healthy food our bodies need the next meal. On to another day on our journey to live our best life! Hugs!

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