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New Fitness Journey! Join Me....

Hey hey everyone! I'm taking the advice of my friend, coach and mentor, @Damon Oates...and starting my fitness journey blog!! NOTE: I wanted to get this information to you while it was still fresh. You know I WILL be jazzing up this page! Stay tuned! This comes to you from a 52 year old mother of three, Gigi to one, wife of 33 years...and an entrepreneur finding her way....through determination, persistence and the refusal to give up!!!

After years and years of abusing the one body God gave me...Im putting her first!! To those younger that may be thinking I've got this...I'm young...I'm strong...I can do what I want...I can eat what I want!!! Take advice from someone that used to work out EVERY DAY...WALK three miles EVERY DAY...and yes was able to eat what I wanted EVERY DAY!! If you don't CONTINUE to take care of your body EVERY DAY....that young body will give way to a sluggish, tired, overweight, unhealthy body!! Take care of the ONE body God gave you!! You will be soooo grateful you did!!

Several months ago, my friend (and sister brought to me later in life!!) started her journey of getting healthy and strong. Like me...felt her age and the tole life had taken on her body. She started walking on the treadmill. After a few days of dreading it...she found she looked forward to that time. That one hour of the day she dedicated to HERSELF!!! She put in her ear buds, cranked up Pink and gave it her all!! She convinced me it would be my saving grace! On Sunday, May 23, 2019, my friend, coach and fellow ribbon hoarder, Amy Smith, made a pledge to each other to lose SEVEN pounds before the Dallas Market on July 20, 2019! Saying yessss....I vowed that day!!! I will not jump on my usual balls to the wall, fitness CRAZY train only to do what I had done time and time again...fall off, set that bitch on fire and push it over the cliff!! THIS TIME....it's a new course to a new life!! Set a goal...make it happen....week two ADD a new goal...make it happen! And THIS will be my new journey. So Week one...was simply getting my head back in the game!! Healthy foods check....chocolate out!!! Water in....coke OUT!!! That was it...week one...stay on track just eating healthy. Giving my body the food and fuel it needs and deserves...and water. Week TWO...more water!!! (HINT: you should be drinking AT LEAST 1/2 your body weight in water...EVERDAY!!). Yes...I would love to know how many of the 10,000 steps I achieved each day were spent walking to and from the bathroom!!! But hey...it's steps people!! And, I added... yes...the word dreaded by many...EXERCISE!! I take care of my almost three year old grand daughter every day. She loves to be outside and loves to go for a walk. So I found out this week...putting her in her comfy jogger stroller...and walking to our neighborhood park and back is 2.37 miles! SCORE!!!!! She gets to go for a walk, and Gigi gets in her exercise! So...day two...not a pretty day, I did my walk while she napped. I was and am determined to add distance every day. People...I don't care if its 2/10ths of a mile...go for the EXTRA!! That day I did 2.67 miles! So yesterday...I simply set my goal at 3! I use MapMyWalk app by @Under Armor. I kept checking it until it hit 1.5 miles. That way I knew for a fact when I got home I would have achieved my goal. When I got home and it says in my ear buds...3 miles. I yelled out YESSSS!!! Throwing my fist in the air. Pretty sure a neighbor or two may have wondered if I was having a moment. LOL. YES yes I did!!! On to today!!! After a low calorie, protein shake day yesterday, and only a small one this morning...I hit my trail. Hoooooly crap on a cracker!! After about a 1/4 of a mile in...I already was feeling out of gas!!! I can't do this today I thought. Awww hell no!!! So....I immediately kicked that negative thought out of my head...and quietly prayed about it. I truly asked God to keep me safe during my walk; gave thanks for the incredible new mind set I now feel down into the depths of my soul; and to please give me the strength and determination to get it done. Guess what!?! Did I complete my walk? YES! Did I reach my goal of going a little further? YES!!! I cranked up This is the Greatest Show and then Adam Lambert, and made it happen! Did I throw up when I got home? Nope! Was I on the verge...possibly!!! But the gratitude that God brought me through and I did what I set out to do...had me quietly celebrating instead!!!

I apologize for the looonnngg post! Since this is the first, I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on the journey!! For those feeling too old, too heavy, not enough time...whatever you are feeling....TRUST ME when I say....when you put YOU first, and give your body and soul the care it deserves....any excuse that may be holding you back...you will be ready to kick the curb!! It's never too late!!! This time next year...I WILL BE in the best shape of my life...living my best life, and ready to take on the next 50 years! Until next time! Hugs!

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