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Helllooooo 2020!!

OOPS I did it....AGAIN!!! Yep....fell of the ME wagon (of healthy eating, exercise, getting a good night sleep)!! Not only did your's truly fall off...I torched that bad boy and sent it plummeting off the proverbial cliff!!! I had some huge moments start for me in the summer that snowballed all the way through the holidays!! We sent our youngest off to bootcamp for the US Marine Corp. the first part of August!! Which means we went cold turkey!! He's still living at home...so we went from seeing and talking to him everyday to not seeing his face or hearing his voice for three months!! How many military mommas do we have out there that know what I'm talking about?!? Being cut off completely was truly one of the hardest things I've gone through. I literally got to where I would hold my breath every Thursday, painfully waiting for the mail lady to deliver that precious envelope containing the letter from our new Marine letting us know how he was doing. Honestly, brings tears to my eyes thinking about it! Of course, after enduring those three months, we planned a trip to California to witness his graduation and bring him home!! For ten days anyway, only to have to ship him off again for infantry training. During this time, I was also caring for my three year old grand daughter, attempting to manage my business, and prepare for the quickly arriving holiday season! And, as you all know....all the other things that have to get done during that time....shopping, wrapping, shipping, etc. And during those crazy months...I lost myself!!! I stopped doing lives, my group suffered tremendously, my house was a shambles because there was just so much stuff everywhere, and yes I found comfort in food! Sadly, even my marriage suffered. Soooo, I'm sorry, with that lengthy explanation said...I learned A LOT!!! What I will do in 2020, and what I absolutely WILL NOT DO in 2020...and that is put myself last. You cannot take care of all the other things if you don't take care of yourself. I am not making any new year's resolutions...but rather new year's intensions. Promises to myself that I must keep!! Meaning....1) eat healthy...foods that fuel the body!! 2) do some sort of exercise daily!! Walk when weather permits...do squats, crunches and pushups-these can be done any time of day wherever you are!! 3) devote time to my marriage and family. 4) pray everyday in gratitude that I can do the first three!! There are so many free apps to help you log your food intake, water intake, exercise etc. Getting myself truly healthy and taking care of myself...will help me take my business to the next level. PLEASE NOTE! No! I am not saying you cannot work if your overweight! I bust my ass, and assure you my friend I have a good 75 pounds to lose! But let's be honest....going up and down the ladder would be a heck of a lot easier without the equivalence of having a 7 year old strapped to my back!! Would I like to be able to choose anything in my closet to wear, instead of trying on item after item to find the one I feel most comfortable in...ummm yes!! However, the point of wanting to get healthy is just that...to be healthy, strong, and ready to take on whatever the day entails! Wearing smaller jeans will be an extra incentive!

So, let's try this AGAIN! Let's do this together! I started today by dumping all the left over egg nog, sweets, and well, crap food out of the cabinets! I went to sprouts and bought fruits, veggies, and chicken. Don't get me wrong...YES..there will be ONE cheat MEAL (not meals or day...just one meal) ONCE a week. Not only does that keep you from losing it and finally hoovering anything and everything sweet you can find....it's been shown to help avoid that plateau by confusing your system.

I would love your feedback! In our group, I plan to have a post where you can ask questions and a post where you can share your favorite recipes.


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